Oni ChakrasWelcome to our website!
Here we offer you the chance to improve the quality of your life and make it healthy and beautiful by: Real Infinite Eternal Selfawareness, release of perturbative factors and transcending your own limits, transformation of energy and information from Aura biofields, assisting youthroughout the individual change process according to the Free Willand supporting you on the Path to Spiritual Evolution!
Be the creator of your life !
The Holistic and Metaphysical Concept (HOLOS in Greek means whole and METAPHISICS means everything beyond the physical world)helps in aquiring and developing a new Trinitarian thinking, holistic and spiritual, in which Man is seen as a whole or as a spiritual being of lightlivingconsciousness, and disease is approached as a dysfunction,respectively an energy-information and psychosomaticimbalanceat the soul level, which after a certain time may lead to illness of the physical body.
The Holistic and Metaphysical Concept is based on the idea that the human being is a complex and multidimensional entity of divine origin and spiritual nature, who may only be healed with the help of God (who is the pure Consciousness, the Source of Life and of Love and of everything in the Universe).
In light of the above, we offer you a wide range of services which can support your health and evolution.
In adition, we offer a variety of courses, seminars and group meetings within ANTHM Associationand of Oni Holistic International Club.
Thank you and we are inviting you to explore the pages of this website.
“When the power of love is grater than the love of power, we shall have the soulpeace and the power to create Universal peace!”