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By reading the following lines you will find out who guides you in your spritual evolution and who provides all these highly professional services according to theHolistic and Metaphysical Concept.

Johann Muller-Dragoman
Therapist in Complementary Therapies
Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Bioenergotherapist

Accredited internationally after years of study and practicetogether with the most renowned spiritual masters, doctors and internationallyrecognized therapists, such as:

– Choa Kok Sui from Manilla-Phillippine, Master in spritual healings, the Pranahealing technique;
– Rosalyn Bruyere from the USA – Master in healings by rebalancing the Chakrasand the Bioenergetic fields of the human body.
– Elsie Poynton fromEngland, Medium and Spiritual Masterwho teaches (in her own private school) spiritual therapists who have spiritual healing and mediating capacities;
– Johannes Sauter from Germany, Professor of Metaphysics and Parapsychology CUA, Healer;
– William Nelson from America, the inventor of the Biofeedback SCIO device and IMUNE professor (International Medical Universeity Natural Education);
– Prof. Dr. med. F. P. Gall, an internationally renowned surgeon, famous for his succesful operations of patients with cancer;
– Priv. Doz. Dr. Med. B. Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Germany, very famous in visceral surgery;

Studiesin the field of Complementary and Alternative Therapies as well as in Holistic, Metaphysical and Spiritual Therapies:

– Professional Training in Spiritual Healingat the Nationl Institute of Spiritual Healers in England, NFSH – National Federation of Spiritual Healers;
– Studies in BobathMethodat the school of Dr. Rohrbach from Kassel, Germany, the method used for treating people with disabilities;
– Course of Reiki Master and Teacher, following the orginal method ofDr. Usui in Germany and England;
– Autogen Training Course Instructorand relaxation techniques, at Junker Institute, Bad Homburg;
– Spirituality and Parapsychology Mindspeed-Systems Training Course in Switzerland;
– Course of Instructor and YogaTeacher,at Yoga Vidya Shivananda School, Bad Meinberg, Germany;
– Silva Mind Training, The Silva Method-Silva International, inc. Laredo, Texas U.S.A.;
– Studies of Metaphysics at thePrivat -Institut – Sauter von Parasihologie und Metaphysik in Goppingen, Germany;
– Studies ofPhysiotherapyat the PhysiotherapySchool Kybalion-Berufsfachschule fur Massage und Physiotherapie des Schulverein Physiotherapie e.V. from Bad Windsheim, Germany;
– Studies ofManual Therapy, methodKaltenborn/Evjenth, at the Academy of Physiotherapyin Mainz, respectively DFZ – Das Fortbildungs-Zentrum-Mainz, Germany;
– Cardio – Trainer Course, Forum-Bewegund Freiheit Gesundheit, Fulda, Germany;
– Complementary/Alternative Therapies Course at ANATECOR – National Association of Complementary Therapies in Arad, Romania;
– Course with a Graduation Certificate “Personal Development Advisor ” (CNFPA accredited ), at RAM – INFO TRAINING ltd.,Bucuharest, Romania;
– Course with Graduation Certificate “Trainer of Trainers”(CNFPAaccredited), at  PROFI GROUP HRC ltd. Deva, Romania;

Having worked for several years in the Physiotherapy department of the International Private Clinique“Euro-Med-Clinic”from Furth town, Germany, and having assisted numerous operations perforemed by the most renowned professors and surgeons, orthopaedic doctors,cardiologists, neurosurgeons, urologists, etc., I have accumulated a great practical and therapeutical experience in the field of traditional medicine and allopathic therapiesas well as in different massage methods, manual therapies, bioenergy therapies and especially  Complementary and Alternative Therapies, Holistic andMetaphysical Therapies and Spiritual Healing Therapies.
My Lecturer Activity:

– Accredited Lecturer in teaching therapists in the field of Spiritual and Holistic Therapies, accredited by DGH e.V., Dachverband fur Geistiges Heilen, Germany, which is the National Association of Spiritual Healings in Germany;
– Accredited Lecturer in teaching therapists in Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies, accredited by ANTHM,The National Association of Holisic and Metaphysical Therapies in Romania.
– Many years of experience in training Spiritual and Holistic Therapists as well as therapists specialized in Complementary Therapies, trained inmy own Private Institue for Bio-Energy (Privat-Institut fuer Bio-Energetik)inNurnberg, Germany, and in the Holistic and  Metaphisycal Center – Oni Holistic International ltd. in Sibiu, Romania.

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Str. Locomotivei Nr.12, Sibiu, cod poștal 550300, România
Tel./ Fax: +40 (0)269-226872 / Mobil: +40 (0)724-474986


Gender: Male, Dateof birth: 10.03.1959, Nationality Romanian/German

Professional Training in the field of Holistic, Metaphysical and Spiritual Therapies.


2006 – present  – Director
Oni Holistic International ltd. Sibiu, Romania

Holistic Therapiesand Holistic Professional Training Courses
2001 – present – Director
Privat-Institut für BioEnergetik (Private Institute for BioEnergy) in Nürnberg, Germany.
Holistic Therapies and  Holistic and Spiritual Professional Training Courses.
1999 – 2001 Wellness and Fitness Coach and Instructor– The Health and Recovery Center  “CITY FITNESS POWER TOWER” Nürnberg, Germany;
between 1994 -1999 – Therapist in Holistic and Spiritual Therapies;
EURO – MED – CLINIC from Fürth, Germany, postoperative recovery and rehabilitation;
1986 – 1989 T.C.M. Engineer (Machine Construction Technology) – atColibaşi Automobile Factory – Piteşti, Romania, Automotive Construction Industy, Engines and Export production line.
1980 – 1985 – Degree in Mechanical Engineering (TCM), The Politechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca, TCM Specialization in Sibiu;
2009 – Degree in Theology –the Universeity of “Lucian Blaga”, The Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Andrei Şaguna”, Sibiu;


Graduation certifcate “Personal Development Advisor”(CNFPA accredited),
RAM – INFO TRAINING ltd., Bucharest, Romania;

Graduation Certificate “Train the Trainers” (CNFPA accredited),
PROFI GROUP HRC ltd., Deva, Romania;

Certificateof Advanced Theta Healing Therapist, from THETAHEALING INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE – USA, spiritual and holistic therapies;

Drving Licence: B Category;


Publications, books written and published

2008 – “Healing in Christian anthropology and in holistic therapeutic practices”;
2009 –”Life after life and the stages of transition to eternal life”;
2010 – “The Spiritual Truth”

Conferences, International and National Congresses (2000 – 2013)
Seminars, Symposiumsand Courses on spiritual, metaphysical and holistic topics (2000-2013)


– Specialized courses in Bobath Method attended at the school of Dr. Rohrbach from Kassel, Germany, a methodused for treating people with physical disabilities;
– Graduate of Reiki Master and Teacher course, following the original method of Dr. Usui in Germany andEngland;
– Graduate of Autogen Training instructor course and different relaxation techniques which I attended at Junker Institute inBad Homburg, Germany;
– Graduate of specialization training in Spiritual Healing at the National Institute of Spiritual Healers in England, NFSH – National Federation of Spiritual Healers;
– Graduate of Mindspeed – Systems Spirituality course attended in Switzerland;
– Graduate of Silva Mind course, The Silva Method – Silva Intl., Laredo, Texas U.S.A.
– Studies of Metaphysics taken at Sauter Institute of Parapsychology and METAPHYSICS in Göppingen town, Germany;
– Physiotherapy studies at the Physiotherapy School Kybalion-Berufsfachschule für Massage und Physiotherapie des Schulverein Physiotherapie e.V. inBad Windsheim, Germany;
– Studies of Manual Therapy, the Kaltenborn method/ Evjenth at the Academy of PhysiotherapyinMainz, respectively DFZ – Das Fortbildungs-Zentrum-Mainz, Germany;
– Graduate of the Cardio-Fitness Instructor training course, in the Forum-Bewegund Freiheit Gesundheit e.V. from Fulda, Germany;
21.10.2010 – 22.01.2011- Nutrition Technician Certificate (CNFPAaccredited) ANATECOR, Romania;
Customised and special diets, supplements and food recommendation;
13.02.2009 – 2.08.2010 – Masseur Technician qualification certificate (CNFPAaccredited) ANATECOR, Arad, Romania.
Techniques of therapeutic, reflexogene, reflexotherapy, relaxation and lymphatic massage CNFPA accredited);

7.04 – 27.04.2010 –TrainerCertificate (CNFPA accredited) ANATECOR, Romania,
Innovative training methods;
2005 – 2009 – Degree in Theology- The Universeity of “Lucian Blaga”, The Faculty of Orthodox Theology “Andrei Şaguna” form Sibiu, Pastoral Orthodox Theology;
01.09. 2008 – Holistic and Spiritual Therapist (Healer-Heiler)
Lecturer accredited to prepare therapists in Spiritual Therapies- DGH e.V. – Dachverband für Geistiges Heilen, Deutschland – The National Association of Spiritual Healings in Germany;
2005 – Certificate for the use of OXCI – SCIO device(Hungary), International Medical Universeity Natural Education, Prof. Dr. William Nelson, Holistic Diagnosis withMagnetic Bioresonance and Biofeedback
16.04. – 7.05.2005 – Masseur Qualification (CNFPA accredited)ANATECOR, Arad, România – Massage Techniques;
2003 – “Terapist in Complementary Therapies”diploma (accredited by ANATECOR), Arad, Romania
1999 – Certificatein Pranic Psychotherapy Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui from Manila, Filipine;
2000 – Certification as Instructor of Yoga, Bund der Yoga Vidya Lehrer e.V., Germany;
1980 – 1985 – Degree in Mechanical Engineering (TCM), The Polytechnic Intitute of Cluj-Napoca, TCM Specialization in Sibiu;
1974 – 1978 – High School Diploma,”Gheorghe Lazăr”Theoretical High School, Math and Sciences track.


“Oreste`s Code” – B1 TV, Antena 2 TV;
TV presenter for the TV show “Spiritual Health”– TV Eveniment Sibiu;
Special Guest in TV shows on health and spiritual topics: ETNO TV, B1 TV,
DDTV, Antena 1 Sibiu, TV Bistrița, C-ța TV, Neptun TV etc.


Native language (es): Romanian

Other foreign languages:


German C2 C2 C2 C2

English B1 B2 B2 A2

Levels: A1/2: elementary; B1/2: Independent user;  C1/2: Experienced user
The Common European Framework for Modern Languages.

Innate communication and relationship skills as well as acquired through personal EXPERIENCE as Holistic and Spiritual Theraspist.
Theological knowledge and insight, as well as a broad perspective on the world and life through the study of religious concepts as theologian.
Adaptability to any life situation gained through personal experience as a professional athlete and Spiritual Therapist.
Team spirit acquired in school, University, the engineering profession and as a professional sportsman.
Compassion, acceptance,understaning and patience aquried through personal experience, as a sportman player and Holistic Therapist.
Cognitive abilities acquiredthrough study, during University years, through personal experience and throughlearning and practising the Holistic Concept and the Trinitarian way of thinking, holistic and spiritual.
Self-knowledge abilitiesand crisis management skills acquiredthrough personal experience, as a professional sportsman as well as a Holistic and Spiritual Therapist.
Psychic abilities, sensitivity and mediating capacties gained through a holistc and Trinitarian thinking, as well as through spiritual, holistic and metaphysical knowledge.
Emotions, conflicts and stress management skills, gained through personal experience,through my experience as a professional sportsmanas well as while working with people asa Holistic Therapist.
Innate abilities, skills and capacities of holistic and spiritual healing as well as acquiredthrough direct experience, through study, knowledge and metaphysical, holistic and spiritual practice.
Decision making and problem solving abilitiesgained throughlife experience and by having a spiritual, holistic and Trinitarian way of thinking.
Daily living skills, vocational training and practical experience for professional integration, acquiredthrough experience of school years, family, society, University and sport.
Innate oratorical and mediating skills, acquiredthrough my own personal experience as a trainer, coach, lecturer, teacher and producer of TV shows on topics of health and spirituality.
Abilities for sports: swimming, tennis, martial arts, judo, karate, weightlifting, handball and bodybuilding, acquired during school and University years.
Skill in the use of computers and the Internet, acquired by attending courses and through personal experience