ANTHM Association

According to its Statute, the Association has the following purposes and objectives: ART. 3 The National Association of Holistic and Metaphysical Therapy is a Romanian legal person of private law, having its name reserved through the proof of name availability with number 135786 from 20.05.2014, issued by the Ministry of Justice – Department of Public Relations and Communication. ART. 4. The National Association of Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies is a non-profit, non-governmental independent association with public benefit. ART. 7. Purpose. The National Association of Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies has as intended purpose: the development of cultural and social activities with the purpose of representing, supporting, and promoting the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept about Man, World and Life, the Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies, but also the evidence of attested practitioners (natural and legal person) in the Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies sector, as well as promoting collaboration and communication with the allopath medical sector, cooperation with specialists from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, on the basis of synergy of competences; harmonizing the activity of the organisms and organizations that act in Romania in the field of Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies and representing them in relation to the Romanian and the international authorities. The development of a person’s mental abilities by changing the way of thinking, the education, and creating a new Healthy Life Style. Services of education, therapy, formation and training: vocational training courses, specialized and training courses, personal development courses, seminars, conferences and practical exemplifications. Sports, entertainment and cultural clubs to create a healthy character of Man. ART. 8. Objectives a) promoting therapies that support, maintain and optimizes health and of those that prevent sickness; b) promotion and development of the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept about Man, World and Life, of therapies that allow for a spiritual growing and transformation of man, as well as the healthy evolution of the person; c) the protection of life and natural values as an integral part of the biosphere. The human being, the mineral and vegetal reign and the animal are part of the terrestrial ecosystem and they have to be preserved unaltered. d) elaboration of the Ethical Code of the practitioners of Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies based on: 1. The feeling of truth and rightness. 2. The moral and ethic feeling 3. The holistic and spiritual feeling. e) supporting the growth of the individual level of knowledge, the improvement and healing of the personal, social and universal relations; f) working for the purpose of suffering alleviation; g) reunion of a significant number of organizations and institutions from Romania that conduct their work in the social field, in the area of therapies, holistic and metaphysical therapies; h) promoting the development of such activities at high ethical, professional and technical standards; i) the representation of the problems and the common and significant issues of the holistic and metaphysical therapies sector and advocating for recognition of this sector and its results; j) promoting and harmonising the activities of Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies, advocating for integration of these therapies in the national strategy of maintaining and improving the spiritual, physical and psychical health of the Romanian nation; k) promoting a transparent and open holistic and spiritual mentality and collaboration and communication with the allopath and cults medical sector. ART. 24. Patrimony. The Association’s patrimony is made of: a) taxes, donations, fundings, resources obtained from the State budget and/or the local budget, sponsorships, inheritances; DONATIONS, SPONSORSHIPS and FINANCING if you want to help and promote the Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies, but also all the Association’s activities please do so on the two bank accounts of the ANTHM ASSOCIATION:

Johann Müller-Dragoman, Transilvania Bank Sibiu,

Account in Lei: RO40-BTRL-RONC-RT02-6121-1401 or

Account in Euro: RO87-BTRL-EURC-RT02–6121-1401.

Thank you!


“Love one another and bear each other’s burdens.”