Book number 1:

“Healing in the Christian anthropology and in the holistic therapeutic practices” author Johann Muller-Dragoman

What is the soul?

According to the Christian teaching, the soul is a subtle substance, real, alive, immaterial or spiritual and immortal. The soul passes through the material body and is connected to it, but it transcends and exceeds the materiality of the body. About the reality, spirituality and immortality of the human soul Saint St. John of Damascus synthesizes in a wonderful way: “The Soul is a living substance, simple, inherently intangible in its nature, invisible to the human eyes, immortal, rational, spiritual and shapeless; it serves an organic body which it empowers to live, to grow, to feel and to give birth. The Soul does not have a superior spirit, but its own spirit is its purest side. For what is the eye for the body, that is the spirit for the soul. The Soul is free, volitional, active, changeable by the will because it is created. It received all of these naturally, by the grace of the Creator, from which it also received its existence.”

Man requires respect as a being of an inestimable value. Especially because of his soul he is «someone», not only «something». What makes man «someone» is the self-consciousness and the capacity of free and conscious reactions, connected directly to his soul. Only through his soul the human being manifests as «someone» conscious and unique, having the will to exist and continuously perfect himself/herself. And this uniqueness that is characteristic to each person and that cannot be replaced or confused shows the man as being everlasting. The spiritual substrate, different form matter, that is the soul, just like the Divinity cannot be defined in its essence, but can only be described in its manifestations as an essential fact that makes man a voluntary, conscious, unique, and irreplaceable subject. Concerning the reality and existence of the soul, the Holy Scripture speaks about all the essential aspects of the human soul. The soul is real and superior to the body which returns to the ground, while the soul goes to God (Ecc. 12, 7). It cannot be killed together with the body, as the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew teaches us: “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell”; because the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. (Mt. 26, 41). According to Saint Gregory of Sinai, “the human body was made uncorrupted, as it will rise, while the soul was created nepatimitor. Because of the close connection between the soul and the body, they both spoiled and mingled, following the natural law of movement of one into the other and of sharing one from the other… Falling apart from Christ brings the darkness of passions.” (“Orthodox Psychotherapy”, H. Vlachos, p. 130).

Book number 2:

“Life after life and the stages of transition to eternal life” author Johann Muller-Dragoman

Chapter III

The stages that men passes through in the moment of death

A person usually feels beforehand that his death is close, respectively his departure from this material world, sometimes even when this occurs through a sudden accident. When «his time comes», he knows that time has come for him to leave this dual world, he feels and becomes aware that the moment of death is close, which is in fact the moment when the soul leaves the body, a process that is perceived as something real and natural.

1. Death awareness

In the moment of death, the passing away doesn’t frighten you anymore because you realize that death doesn’t exist as such, or at least not as you imagined it until that moment; death is perceived as a transition from a material, emotional and mental world into a world that is truly spiritual, a world of the real truth, a world of uncreated light and unconditional love, of universal wisdom and eternal life. Here, in this fairy-tale like world, lies the true peace and serenity of the soul. Now, when the soul is leaving the physical body, you realize that you are and always will be light from light, love from love, and life from eternal life. You realize that you are immortal, although you find yourself into a wonderful process of experimenting with the physical death, free from any pain or suffering. Likewise, you realize that you are pure consciousness and you have always been consciousness from the Divine consciousness, but you forgot or didn’t consider this fact important enough in your physical life, being concerned with different, more earthly things which at that moment seemed much more important than your own being. Everything is happening at the conscience level, and a process of expansion of the consciousness is taking place.

Book number 3:

“THE SPIRITUAL TRUTH” author Johann Muller-Dragoman

Chapter II



The main concern of a person should be the exploration of the human spirit. The science of the spirit is for the moment still at the age of childhood. Man’s life is a process of awareness by living in matter – the body. Man is a spiritual, meditating/ganditoare, conscious being, embodied in the physical body and accumulating earthly experiences. The vital power of man is given by his spiritual power. The spirit has an infinite potential. It cannot be measured with a usual device. No device can replace the human being. The spirit can create everything from itself, from the nothingness that exists in itself. Materialization can take place by the will of the spirit to physically manifest itself. The spirit is active, creator through materialization and its manifestation in matter. The spirit manifests itself through conscience. Monotony and laziness leads to the loss of conscience and men’s creative spirit. The moments of inner crisis, disease and suffering lead towards a faster awareness and so to an accelerated spiritual evolution. Habit, automation, paralysis, they all lead to the loss of conscience, to lack of activity, to loss of vitality and of the spirit of life. Matter and consciousness derive both from the spirit. The matter is the action that wears down and decomposes, and the consciousness is the action that creates and permanently enriches.