Conducted Meditation Course

This course can be attended by anybody who wants to exeed his/her own mental, emotional and physical limitations, by acquiring Metaphysical communication and the capacity to emotionally free themselvesand having the will to evolve spiritually.

Meditations will be conducted by a professional with a vast experience in the field,and carried out in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable and on a healing musical background.

The cost for this 8-Evening Meditation Course is 250 Lei.

In any Meditation Session a different type ofmeditaion will be performed which will help you progressively free yourselves of certain blockages, emotions and energies, being able to reach high spiritual states by the expansion of consciousness.

Also, you have the possibility to heal certain health problems through the positive effects of this series of progressive and conducted Meditations.

Through a regular parctise of Meditations, each person will be able to know herself/himself better and release any kind of stress through an attitude of detachment, and we will learn to easily enter higher states of consciousness with the aim of aquiring and preserving health.

Become aware of the importance of meditation in your life and learn different types of meditation which you can then introduce in your Life Style in order to enlighten your mind.

“Prayer is the best Meditation !”