Course of Spiritual Perfection – HEALER

Anybody who wants to learn how to heal herself/himself or the members of the family can attend this Healer Course, without any prior specialized knowledge in the area as all the necessary information will be learned in the course.

VaroiusHealing Methods and Techniques will be taught by direct connection to the Source of Life, by accessing the divine graciousenergies and by using the Power of Healing Rituals.

Also, you will learn and apply the Principles, the Truths and the Universal Laws, according to the the Metaphysical and Holistic Concept about Man, the World and Life followed by Spiritual Practice Exercises.

Initiations to be performed during this course, are designed to raise the energy level of each participantand activate the power to release energy blockages as well asmake leaps in  consciousness throughthe expansion of conscious awareness.

This is a special course and it is recommended to any person that seeks to help himsel/herself and also to help others.

In this course you will learn and practise Techniques and Methods of energy and information transfer into the field of the human Aura and that of all living beings.

This 2-day course costs 450 lei/person.

For pupils, students and retired people the course costs 350 lei/person.

This Course consists of 7 Modules and it is recommended that after finishing each level of the course, trainees should deepen the knowledge gained and to consciously and constantly work on self-knowledge and on their own spiritual evolution, according to the biblical teaching:

“Doctor you must first heal yoursef in order to heal others; enlighten yourself first in order to enlighten others; sanctify yourselffirstin order to sanctify others!”