Holistic Course


This Course is based on the Metaphysical and Holistic Concept about Man, World and Life, which will guide us into a new, holistic approach to man and life, and providing a new perspective on the Spiritual Universe of Man.

Man is seen as a whole, a complex and multidimensonal being of spiritual lightliving consciousness, and ilness and all man’s problems with himself, with its peers and with the environment being an imbalance or a disharmony, namely a dysfunction of the whole.All man’s problems and diseases can be solved and healed if treated from the Metaphysical and Holistic perspective, respectively through the new holistic approach to manwhich sees man as a Living Consciousness Hologram, namely a MicroUniverseand being part of the Holographic MacroUniverse.

Everything is possible to the human being if he applies correctly and consciously the Laws of Life, namely if he lives according to the Truths, Principles and the Universal Laws of the Spritual Universe.Man is the most wonderful creature in the Universe, having the capacity to create its own reality through intention, thought, love, will and awareness.

The earthly man has the innate potential to evolve, respectively to grow spiritually and is be able to manifest spiritually by cultivation of virtues and of unconditional spiritual love.

So, “let’s allow ourselves”to open to Spiritual Knowledge and to truly wanting to evolve spiritually by getting to know the Real Self which is the Pure Consciousness Infinite Eternal Love and have the courage to be ourselves, full of love, feeling “the presence of conscious consciousness of the present” in any life situation.

We invite you to attend the Holistics Course which consits of 7 Modules at the weekend,aiming at providing you with all the necessary knowledge neded to become a genuineHolistic Therapist, namelya healer of your own diseases and of those who need to be helped on their path to healing and perfection.

The cost of each module is 450 Lei/person.

“The Spritual Beauty of man is given by the brightenss of the Light of Love within himself.”