Intensive course – camp


It will be organized nearby Sibiu, at a challet in the middle of nature during 04.03.2016 – 06.03.2016,starting on Friday, 5 p.m until Sunday 3 p.m.

Those interested in this course will be informed about the exact location when they contact us to book  accommodation and a place in theRetreat Camp, which will be a blessing for the soul of each participant.

In this Nature Retreat Camp, all participants will learn to know themselves better as a Living Consciousness and we shall practise together the Healing Rituals byHealing Touch.

This Healer Course will change your life in a positive and healthy way and you will be able to truly enjoy everything life offers, here and now.You will truly become the creators of your own life and conscious co-creators, creation in creation being.

We will learn what true unconditional divine love is, we will meditate and we will enjoy nature together, we will live together states of expanded consciusness and we will learn how to be connected to the Source of Life so as to increase our energy level and live freely and happy.

During these days you will actively participate at a Noutrition Course – LIVING FOOD, where we will learn to eat healthily according to the Metaphysical and Holistic Concept about Man, World and Life. We will learn to produce our own Living Food that we all need.

You will all discover the Power of Rituals and you will learn to heal yourselves by practising the Healing Rituals, the Healing Techniques and Methods by directly connecting yourselves to the Divine Spiritual Internet, respectively to the CUUIIE – Campul Universal Unic Iubire Infinita Eterna/Unique Universal Infinite Eternal Love Field

The cost for the three- day course is 450 Lei/person.

“Love the Truth, love Life and love Love!”