Massage course


This itroductory course in the techniques of Energizing and Relaxation Massageis destined to any person who wants to learn someMassage Techniques and Methodsin order to apply  massage practice the very next day.Thus, no specialized knowledge is required because all conceptsand knowledge  necessaryto the practise of any type of Relaxation and Energizing Massage will be acquired during the course.

Since the environment and the ambiance in which the massage is performed is of great importance, we will teach and focus on the importance of the place, the design and relaxation music used durng the massge session.

After this course, each participant will be able to do massage to loved ones, immediately applying the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the course.

The cost for each day of course is 150 lei/person.

You`re welcome to initiate you and share with you the wonderful positive effects of healing touch performed through relaxation and energizing massage.

“Massage is the healing therapeutictouch.”