Nutrition Course

Itteaches youhow to eat healthily, according to the Metaphysical and Holictic Concept about Man, World and Life. Anybody who is wants to learn more about Living Food and its importanceto our life and health, is invited to this course.

This Course is also tailored for people with certain disease and health problemsand it will  help them conceive a Healthy Life Style and an optimum food scheme.

The cost of each course is 150 Lei.

In the course you will be taught how to cook healthily and you will be provided with the necessary knowledge in order to understand  “why” Living Foodis the best nourishmentfor those who want to ramain young, healty and lively.

“Your Food should be your medicine!”

Let’s apply the divine commendments in order to benefit from a good state of spirit and health: “Your food should be all the grass and the seeds in it…”, so, we should feed ourselves with seeds, fruit and vegetables because all of them have seeds.

“Eatto live, not live to eat!