StressManagement Course

It will be held at the request of those interested in becoming aware of their stress level and for those who wish to learn how to manage stress.

In particular, this Course will be organised from time to time as a „bonus” for all the members belonging to Oni Holistic International Club.

We invite you to attend this Course, those of you who want to learn how to manage your stress and become detached and free so you can really enjoy life, here and now.


We will help you be aware of the real causes of stress, the types of stress existing at different levels of the soul, but also in the physical body and help you improve your relationships with the Divine Real Self, namely with yourself and everyone elsethrough liberation from the negative influences of the False Self.

The human Ego, the Divided Self or the Split Self, namely the negative emotional and mental programs accumulated over the years in the subconscious, are those which unconsciously sabotage our whole being, and it is advisable to liberate ourselves of the conflictual dual mind in order to live our lives, being aware that each of us are the creators of our own lives. Therefore, let’s learnto stop being just “passersthrough life”, fighting stress, existential problems and illness, butto be “people living our lifeby identification with the Eternal Spiritual Self.

The course fee is 150 Lei/person.

At this course you will learn how to free yourselves from all the stressful factors and easily manage stress, placing the Spiritual Values above the Mental Values while really enjoying your life, here and now.


Man is the most beautiful being in the Universe!”