The Metaphysics Course

It is recommended for all those who wish to evolve spiritually, without needing aformer training in this field because all the neecessaryconcepts will be learned during the course.

METAPHYSICSis a science that brings Man closer to God through the knowledge of the Truths, Principles and Universal Divine Laws and deals with everything that is beyond physical mater. In this course we will learn how to put ourselves in connection with the Source of Life and then we will learn and practise specificSpiritual Rituals in order to raise our spiritual and energy level, and so being able to reach consciousness expansion and access high levels of consciousness.

„This Coursewill change your life in a healthy way!”

According to the Hilostic and Metaphysical Concept, life is the most precious asset and every man is a unique creature in the Universe, having an immense potential to create everything he can imagine, envision and be aware of.

Man is a being of spiritual Light,Living ConsciousnessHologram, created in the image and likeness of God.Moreover, Man is the only creature in the Universe with a capacity for Deification.

The course costs 150 lei/person and it will be organized for a period of 7 months.

At this course you will learn and practise 7 Metaphysical Exercises, which correspond to The Holistic and Metaphysical Concept about Man, World and Life.


Thus, after practising these Metaphysical Exercises you will become a New Being, with a high level of consciousness, sensitivityand awareness and you will have developed a new vision about Man, Life and the Universe.


Seek first the kingdom of God and Hisrighteousness, and all these things shall be added to you!” (Mathew, 6, 33)