Club Oni holistic

                                     CLUB ONI HOLISTIC INTERNATIONAL



Motto of the club „UNITY IN DIVINITY”

The motto expresses the whole that unites us in everything we do:

Our belief

Who are the members of the club?

CLUB ONI HOLISTIC INTERNATIONAL is a reunion of independent and free people  which, with relations based on unconditional love and respect for the principles, truths and universal laws, solves all personal problems, social and planetary, taking responsibility for the role of co-creator in creation, creation being.


Members of the club want:
– to really enjoy life and to have healthy relationships in the personal, social and planetary life;

– to love and respect life and all life forms;
– to place spiritual values above materials ones and to preserve traditions and cultural values;
– to love and help their peers in any given situation and limit situations;

– to take responsibility for their health by practising and promoting Holistic Therapies and to do everything for the social and global health;

– to gain peace of mind and to actively contribute to world peace.


Our goals:
ONI HOLISTIC INTERNATIONAL CLUB  has the following goals:
– to promote Holistic Therapies in order to aquire absolute health on a personal, social and global level;

– to promote holistic thinking and unconditional love as a main element in human and environmental relationships.
– to arise the Universal spirit within the self and within any person willing to reach perfection, by assuming the spiritual values;

– to mobilize to  integrate the spirit of the truth within personal everyday life as well as into the lives of others;

– to stimulate the desire for Metaphysical knowledge, both its own and of its peers, for the benefit of all.

– to prove professionalism in everything and to collaborate in sinergy of competence with his peers;

– to create a forum for open discussions of all events and problems of social interest;
– to be a model of ethic and moral behaviour in society and in the world.


These lead to the following conclusions:
– Club members are always active in their conscious analysis of their situation and the duties  arising from the quality of spiritual people;

– it is desirable to be open to novelty, to integrate new scientific discoveries into our lives, to practise and promote holistic knowledge through the changes we bring to our life, through  self-knowlede and the knowledge of Universal truths;

– it is necessary to realize and continuously be aware of these goals in order to materialize them in due time and consistently.


1. The Princilple of unity means seeing the whole in everything, understanding and living as part of the whole, cultivating the feeling of collectivity. Be truly spiritual because being  spiritual means to unite and feel united with everyone else and with the entire Universe by cultivating unconditinal love, that is the divine Universal love;

2. The Principle of truth means to live in truth, just out of principle, to cultivate truth and to love the truth throughout your life. Cultivate the power of discernment so as to make healthy decissions and do well, then you will be able to become a spiritual person;

3. The Principle of life. Love and respect life and all forms of life, as a prinicple. Accept life as it is and bulid a life full of joy, happiness and harmony, being aware that life is the most valuable asset;

4. The Principle of love. Involve entirely in everything you do and do everything with all your soul, with all your heart, with all your mind and strength, showing wisdom and love in all the activities that you carry out;

5. The Spiritual principle. As a principle, don’t judge, don’t condamn, don’t balme and be full of love and respect for everything life offers you. Be spiritual and love the love and life because being spiritual means to live in God`s unconditional love;

6. The Principle of creativity. Be creative, a dreamer and a visionary, full of compassion and wisdom, full of patience and humility, accepance and open-minded. Learn to learn from everything life offers you now and here and learn your life lessons so that you grow and evolve spiritually;

7. The Principle of evolution. Cultivate the 7 virtues: Faith, Hope, Love, Thrift, Temperance, Courage and Wisdom and always take care of your perfection, together with your peers. Always take care of your spiritual evolution, being constantly in communion and communication with your peers to evolve with them and for the benefit of all;

8. The Principle of assuming. Be aware of your mission in this life and in the Universe and assume your role as co-creator in creation, creation being. Also, take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, feelings, of your words and deeds as well as for your health and life, being aware that health is the true treasure of man;

9. The Principle of purpose. Having a purpose in life and always being aware of it is very important. As a principle, be kind to everybody and see friendship as a goal and not as a means to reach goals;

10. The Principle of succes. Be aware that you can achieve absolutely everything that you desire in life if you live in respect for the truths, principles and Universal laws, enjoying success with your peers;

11. The Principle of dignity. As a principle, prove yourself a dignified person, hard-working and preserve your personal integrity. Whatever you may come accross in life, remember one thing: stay faithful to yourself and to God;

12. The Principle of value. Learn to appreciate true values in life. Alwas place spiritual values above material ones, be generous and praise those who have special merits and qualities. Understanding planetary life at a national, international and global level involves a minute awareness of the world’s problems at all levels and accepting them as well as finding solutions through common actions, respecting the principles, the truths and the Universal laws.


The motivation of our actions:
– The devotion, compassion and the joy to serve others out of love and conviction is the main motivation of the club members.

Club members benefit from the friendship and mutual support which is at core of their relationships, being aware of their role in the family, in the society and in the Universe.

– Through its objectves, ethic principles and its leitmotif the activity of the club highlights the main features of the intregrous man.

– Each club member has the duty to familiarize with this basic knowledge, to understand it, to practise and promote it in order to inspire and teach others as well.

– The feeling that you are never alone and the joy of being with those who think and feel as you do, the fact that you are part of a community of special and true people, is a serious reason that gives you power to live, helps you be more creative and strengthens the spirit of unity of action.


Club activities:
– The club is active primarily in information, education and training of people by acknowledging the metaphysical truth, through lifestyle changes and by implementing a new system of holistic and spiritual thinking which would lead to a highe level of social welfare and universal health.

– Special care is given to improving human relationships at all levels of social life, based on the principles, truths and Universal laws, by improving communication and being aware that true communication is from soul to soul.

– Collabortion based on the sinergy of competence and implementing the spirit of unity at all levels: social, educational, spiritual and health.

– Encouraging the young generation to think freely and creatively, in the spirit of the the universal truth and uncoditional love, to the benefit of the world. Creating the optimum environment and atmosphere that would give the youth the feeling of security, freedom and protection but also the motivation to be creative and visionary and to have the certainty that they are in a world open to novelty, being able to evolve harmoniously and healthily.
– Opening new perspective to future generations to be confident in the future and would consciously take responsibility, a fact that springs from the role of co-creator in creation.

– Creating a healthy life environment where every person on the planet Earth would truly enjoy life, by informing, educating and training the new man through the knowledge of the Methaphisycal and Holistic Concept about man, world and life, creating the spiritual man, who would be aware and take responsibility for his own life and values arising from the quality of being a Man.

– Practising and integrating health tourism in the social and personal life through Methaphisycal and Holistic Centres, giving the modern man the opportunity to benefit from the latest knowledge and holistic way of thinking and to enjoy the positive effects of these therapies, thus being able to relax and regain strength, improving the quality of life and aquiring true spiritual health.


– Promoting Methaphisycal and Holistic Therapies as well as Complementary and Alternative Therapies;

– Compliance with spiritual values and placing them above material ones by cultivating and practicing unconditional love;

– Creating and developing a healthy spirit among all people by promoting the principle of the Whole – „Unity and Divinity”;

- Active participation in the personal wellbeing, social and spiritual, aquiring abundancy at all levels;

– Collboration with all sectors of social life on the basis of synergy of competence;

– Encouraging personal perfection by implementing and respecting the principles, truths and Universal laws between people and in relationship with the Universe;

– Creating a Forum for open debates of all life aspects and of problems on a personal, social and Universal level.

1. Be humble and act guided by love and conviction. Be determined and take responsibility for your decisions and actions;

2. Be creative and sanctify everything around you. Choose and live with people who think and feel the same as you do;

3. Do good deeds, for your sake and for the sake of your peers and of the Universe. Help your peers anytime you can and be aware of the fact that by helping them you help yourself;

4. Truly enjoy life and help the others to enjoy everything that life offers, here and now;

5. Be aware of the fact that you are part of the Whole to which we are all interconnected, being aware of the importance of being more and more united with eachother to the benefit of all of us and recognize the spiritual light within you and within your fellows;

6. Respect the Law of love, of faith and of free will throughout your life. Always and under all circumstances act out of unconditional love, maintaining your consciousness clean;

Respect the law of love, faith and free will throughout your entire life.
7. Always be aware of the fact that you are a wonderful spiritual being of divine origin and behave as such, always preserving spiritual beauty;

8. Be aware of your destiny as co-creator in creation, creation being. Be aware that  spirituality means a healthy life style;

9. Be strong and always be aware of your value and of the value of your love; 
10. Be yourself in every life circumstances!!!