We invite you every Monday and Thursady between 6 – 7.30 to participate at the  “Meditation Evening”, conducted by a specialist in meditations and practitioner of Holistic, Metaphysical and Spiritual Therapies.

The first series of Meditations will start on 20.01. and 22.01.2015 and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, between 6 – 7.30 p.m.. The cost of this 8-evening Meditation course is 250 Lei. Every evening there will be a kind of meditation that will help you release  certain energy blockages, emotions and informational fields, reaching high spiritual states by expanding consciusness. You also have the possibility to heal certain helth problems through the positive effects of the series of Healing Meditations.

Being aware of the importance of a consistent and correct practice of Meditation, we lovingly and joyfully share our experience regarding the benefits of Meditation, an experience acquired through many years of Study and Spiritual Practice.

In a small group and a healthy and pleasant environment, you have, here and now, the opportunity to attend a series of Conducted Meditations, Healing Meditations, Meditations through Movement and Dance, which will help you discover your talents and capacities for mediality, healing and spirituality.

Now you have the opportunity to meditate and know people who think, feel and live like you  and who choose to take the Path to Authentic Spirituality, being aware that `The Meaning of Life is Love`, divine and unconditional.

Choose the Path to Perfection! Choose the Spiritual Path and cultivate Virtues to benefit from true authentic health!

“The Truth shall set you free.”

Cultivate Discernment which is a great Virtue and acknowledge that:

“All things are possible but not all are useful!”

Be aware that life consists of many experiences and that each of us has a choice: What do we do with our lives and what do we leave behind?

“Search all things but keep what is good !”