Every Wednesday starting with 14.01.2015, from 6 to 8.30, we invite you to attend a series of seminars on topics of mutual interest, which will help you experience the true values in life.
The cost for each seminar is 50 lei/person.

“God made the man and He gave him the woman, and the woman was given the gift to  give herself.”

“PARTENERSHIP, SEXUALITY AND SPIRITUALITY” Participating at this seminar will help you improve relations with your life partner, with your wife, children and colleagues as well as with all dear ones. You will be able to understand the causes of your problems in relations with yourself, with your life partner and with the others and you will learn to express your thoughts and feelings in the healthiest manner. Be what you are: a being of spiritual light, full of love and willing to evolve here, through love and in love. Be aware that Divine Love heals any disease and let the Truth, Life and Divine Light guide you on the road of life. Become aware that nowadays it is absolutely necessary to build a relationship as  Spiritual Couple in order to evolve healthily and spiritually together with our life partner.

“MAN’S WAY TO PERFECTION – THROUGH THE 7 VIRTUES” This seminar will help you understand one of the ways that may help in reaching perfection. Also, you will understand the importance of deciding to cultivate the 7 virtues in order to truly enjoy life. Integrate Holistic Thinking into your life so as to make your life as beautiful as possible and more harmonious, helping eachother as humans, as friends, as boyfriend/girlfriend and as husband and wife. When based on true spiritual love, on an attitude of mutual help and self-giving with the purpose of spiritual evolution and being together in any life situation, there is the chance of a true couple relationship.

“THE TRUE CAUSE OF DISEASE AND THE ROLE OF HOLISTIC THERAPIES IN THE HEALING OF MAN” This seminar will help you understand the spiritual causes of diseases and the role of diseases in the evolution of man as well as to see disease from the Holistic Concept view point. In Holistic Therapies, man is seen as a whole and disease as a dysfunction of the whole. Also, you will understand how important it is to integrate Holistic Therapies in your life in order to make your life as beautiful and as healthier as possible.

“MAN – AN ENTITY OF SPIRITUAL LIGHT LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS. MAN, MICRO – and MACROCOSMOS”. This seminar will help you acknowledge yourself as a spiritual entity, that is – living consciousness – created in the image of the Divine Father  and according to His likeness and having a clear mission in this Universe. You will realize that spiritual values are the true values that we should treasure in life and not the material ones which are transient and perishable. By placing Spiritual Values above material ones, you will be able to change your life. Also, participation at this seminar will help you identify yourself with the true entity of light within your heart and undertand the meaning of life, taking responsibility for your life and health. You will then become aware of the fact that we are all  unique in own way and that we all are beloved children of the Universe and of God.

“CLUB ONI HOLISTIC INTERNATIONAL – A NEW VISION ABOUT MAN”.  By attending this seminar you will aquire a new vision of man and you will realize the importance of knowledge by becoming aware of the Priniciples, the Truths and the Universal Laws which govern everything in the Universe. Also you will improve relations with the real self, with your peers and with the entire Universe with which we are all interconnected. At this seminar you will be informed about the overall activity of the Oni Holistic International Club and you will have the opportunity to become memebers of the club if you are willing to know, practise and promote the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept about Man, World and Life, together with all good people who think, feel and wish to live in peace, hramony and love.

“RAW FOOD– A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE ” At this seminar we will learn how to eat healthily according to the Metaphysical and Holistic Concept about Man, Love and Life. The seminar welcomes anybody who is willing to know more about the Living Food and its importance to the life and health of each of us. The seminar is also designed for people with certain illnesses and health problems and they will be helped to have a healthy life style and a healthy eating scheme. You will learn to cook helathyly and understand that living food is the best food for the man who wants to stay young and full of life.

“THE LIFE AFTER LIFE AND THE STAGES OF TRANSITION TO ETERNAL LIFE”  This theme is special because it approaches the meaning of life and the role of the soul passing to eternal life, becoming aware of what happens when passing into another dimension of life. It is very important for each of us to know what to do and what awaits us  during those unique moments. When Man is ready and knows what happens he can act consciously, otherwise we act unconsciusly and with fear. You will be able to understand that everything in life has a purpose and that we are all afraid of something we have not yet lived or we are afraid of the unknown. Knowing the truth that phisycal death is part of life and is a uplifting process, natural and a wonderful moment. It is a process of transition from a material world to a spiritual one which will bring us the joy of realizing what true and wonderful entities we are, have been and always will be. During those special and outstanding  moments for each of us we will realize that: Man is a wonderful unique being of spiritual light, immortal and eternal.

You become aware that “Life is the most valuable asset!”