Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapyis consistent with the new paradigm of thinking and is based on Holistic and Metaphysical Concept of Man, World and Life through which each person is given a new perspective to the approach to life and health, helping to acquire a Holistic View on the everything in the Universe.

In Holistic Therapy Man is seen as a whole-body composed of matter, soul composed of energyand spirit – consciousness, and disease is a dysfuction of the whole.

These therapies are primarily preventive therapies, complementary to  allopathic therapies, non-invasive, painless, even relaxing and pleasant.

According to holistic vision, Man is the Center of the Universeandacknowledged as the Microcosmos, part of the Macrocosmos,and having three missions: a personal mission, a social mission and a Universal one.
Holistic Therapies are based on the Fundamental Values of Life, the divine unconditional love, they respect and integrate the Universal Truths, Principles and Laws and they recognize Man as a being of spiritual light and divine origin.In its turn, Man should learn to know himself and reveal God (who is Infinite Eternal Love),deep down in his soul and everywhere around him.
Life has proved that lack of love and of self-knowledge is the cause of many diseases. Therefore, if each of us will realize the bad influence and limitations of a dual conflictual mind, and access the Trinitarian,holistic and spiritual way of thinking, that is to look within our soul and answer within the spirit to the 7 important questions:
1. Where am I from?
2. Where am I going to?
3. Who am I?
4. What am I?
5. Why do I exist?
6. What is life?
7. What is the meaning of life?,

we may perceive our real inner self, our essence, which will help us heal ourselves and be always healthy, happy, merry and in harmony with ourselves, with the others and with the entire Universe.
In holistic therapies there are many methods and techniques that can beneficially influence human Aura and the magnetism of the physical body, the acupuncture meridians and the energy meridians, as well as the energy centire s, that is the energetic plexus also called Chakras.
According to spititual and holistic thinking, these are directly connected to the Nervous Systemwhich in turn is connected to the Endocrin System, respectively with the hormonal glands which are related to the organs and the systems in the physical body.

Thus, changes in the energetic fields, which are part of the Energetic System of the human being, will produce changes within the functiong of the entire human body, according to the Law of Cause and Effect. The change of information will lead to the change of energy and of the human biofield, therefore beneficial changes will occur at the matter- body, thus producing its healing.
Knowing the Meaning of Life, the mission of Man on Earth and acknowledging his role in the Universe, all these play an essential role in our lives in order to help us live in abundance, joy, harmony, love and peace.

This thing and many others related to holistic and metaphysical knowledge, can help us learn to live beautifully and be healthy, preventing sickness by aquiring the «spiritual thinking» and then, by practicing the methapisycal and spiritual therapies.

The joy of life and soul peace of mind is proof that we are on the `Right track`