Bioenergotherapyhelps us improve the vitality of our entire body by using energizing techniques of the human bio-field and by methods of informational  energetic transfer according to the Laws of Life Energy.

Bioenergetic treatments ensure, firstly, the improvement of the Immunity Systemand prevent illness of the living beings by aproper functionig of the entire Energetic System and, consequently, of all the organs and of the vital Biological Systems of the body.

Knowing that everything in the Universe functions with energy and information, and that The Absolute or the Whole is Living Consciousness, and we humans are each a Living Hologram of the Universal Consciousness, respectively a Microcosmos as part of a Macrocosmos, we shall function harmoniously in a healthy body, beautiful and of light, as long as our energetic level is optimumfor ensuring the smooth functioning in the individual cells.

Like all the other Holistic and Metaphysical Therapies, this energy therapy is non-invasive and painless, even pleasant, being performed in a relaxing and harmonious environment.

Basically, we help you to be present (aware of the Real Infinite Eternal Self and Love) and aware of the presence of the present in every moment of your lives. In order to live this “state of spirit“a thorough Healing Ritual is performed through which informational and energy purifications are made. These are followed by energy loadings/incarcari energeticeand at the end of the Bioenergotherapy session the therapist performs one or more energey protection exercises, addapted to your needs.

In this type of therapy, holistic and mataphysical methods may be applied by Healing Touch technique, first on the affected areas and then in other parts of the body, observing the  different techniques and methods specific to energy transfer or by applying energy transfer techniques without directly touching the person under therapy.

Enjoy life here and now !