Spiritual Theerapies

Spiritual Theerapies are based on the Metaphysical and Holistic Concept about Man, World and Life and approach Man as a multideimenional being of divine origin and spiritual nature, respectively Man is a complex spiritual being of light living consciousness hologram.

Spiritual Therapies are based on knowledge of the Holly Scripture and of theSacraments, as well as on new research of quantic physics which have proved that the Universe is made of energy and information. In the Universeeverything functions with light, energy and information.

Also, it has been proved that there in no dead matter; everything is alive, everything is in constant motion and transformation, everything vibrates.

Just the same, we people function with energy and information Living Consciousness, as we are interconnected with the entire Universe. It is worth knowing that our soul manifests as energy of life and living information. The Light of Divine Sparkwithin the depths of oursoul,constantly radiates life to our Soul which in turn gives life to our body,animates and it vitalizes it making it spread the light of life.

Awareness that we are ill is the starting point of our healing process, therefore one of the roles of these therapies is to make Man familiar with the causes of his illness as well as with the healing techniques, and to support and guide him on the path of healing. In terms of the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept, illness is seen as a «chance»given to man to return to the Creator of his life, to God, and to his own Real Eternal Self, being approached not as a punishment but as a consequence of spiritualdisharmony, according to the «Law of Cause and Effect».
For the average person, who is the simple or earthlyman, an illness may be the starting point of spiritual growth, of the contemplation of God, and the beginning of spiritual life byobserving the «Law of Love», respectively «the Law of Christ», after the urgings of the Holly Scripture which teaches to „Love God your Lord with all your heart and all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind,and your neighbour as you love yourself” (Marcus, Cap. 12, 30).Observing this Divine Lawin everyday life, we will be able to heal any suffering or illness. Spiritual therapies use the Unconditional Spiritual Loveas medicine, respectively the gracious energiesreceived through the healing rituals specific to the particular method implied, as well as through the healing prayer and the Holly Sacraments.

Praying continuously for healing and practising the healing rituals learned, the patient thus fulfills the Law of Love.
Most of these methods are based on the fact that we people have the capacity to resonate, that is to be in contact with any vibration, energy and information, namelythe bioenergy-informational field of theUniverse, according to our state of conscious consciousness or state of spirit, being able to receive, process and pass on energy and information.

Specifically, this method consists ofinternalizing, by the person suffering, the Universal Truths and the awareness of the True Causes of Illness from a holistic view point;it consists of the cultivation of divine love and the release of all distractions by transcending dual thinking and polarization from ilness to health.

Next there comes a state of total relaxation by placing the Spiritual Therapist’s hands on the patient’s sick body after a strict pattern, thus transmitting the gracious energy of life, full of vitality and self-healing.
In Spiritual Therapies, man is helped to open his soul to be able to resonate with the Source of Life, to receive in his heart the Healing Light, the gracious divine light by which God manifestshimself and performs the healing through the Spiritual Therapist.
“Spiritual beauty and the true value of man is given by the quality of the light of love and of his wisdom.”