Therapy through Meditation

Therapy through Meditation helps us, through direct experience, become aware of our Infinite Eternal Self and find the answer to a very important question, namely: What is the soul?In this rspect, St. Johnof Damascus wonderfully synthesizes an answer which he himself experienced about the spirituality and immortality of the human soul: „The Soul is a living substance, simple, inherently intangible in its nature, invisible to the human eyes, immortal, rational, spiritual and shapeless; it serves an organic body which itempowers to live, to grow, to feel and to give birth. The Soul does not have a superior spirit, but its own spirit is its purest side.For what is the eye for the body, that is the spirit for the soul. The Soul is free, volitional, active, changeable by the will, because it is created. It received all of these naturally, by the graceof the Creator, from which it also received its existence.”

Meditationhelps us enter altered states of consciousness, providing access to high- vibration energy levels,which ensure a good function of the human being by inducing states of well-being, joy, happyness and fulfilment. Meditation Therapy is characteristic for the human being as Man is a self-conscious being, namely a hologram living consciousnesshaving the capacity to reach the highest leves of conscoiusness. According to World’s Religions, Man is the only being in the Universe with a potential for Deification, that is able to consciously evolve from human consciousness to divine consciousness.

Throughthe practice of different Meditations, during therapy different energy and emotional release take place at a subconscious level as well as atother subtle energy leves, leading to the healing processesneeded to ensurethe optimum health of man as a whole. By practising Meditation Therapy on a regular basis, each person can get to know herself/himself better and faster evolve through direct experience of extended consciousness and by aquiring the ability to relax and to easily enter states of high consciousness in order to reach and preserve a good state of health.

Also, throughMeditation we learn to allow ourselves be ourselves in any life situation and to do everything `wholeheartedly, with all our soul, with all of our mindand all of our strength”,following the divine law.Thus, we become the creators of our lives, living according to our mission, here and now, and assuming the our role of co-creators of creation, we ourselves creation being.

Who wants to take responsibility for his/her life and health and to consciously evolve, according to his/her own pace of evolution in consciousness, is invited to enjoy the healing and spiritual growth meditations, practising Meditation Therapy according to The Holistic and Metaphysical Concept about Man, World and Life.

“Prayer is the best Meditation!”