MEDITATION is a state of mind that any man can reach if he respects certain rituals and respiration, relaxation and concentration techniques. There are a lot of methods that allows you to enter the state of Meditation and also there are various types of Meditations.

A simple way to learn how to meditate is by consciously observing your own body and respiration which, in time, will lead to achieving a state of relaxation at a physical level, detachment at the mental and emotional level, and eventually leading to a state of authentic Meditation.

The state of Meditation is reached when the one that observes and the one that is being observed become one. In the same way, when we see ourselves in the mirror, we should realize: who is the one in the mirror and who is the one who observes the person in the mirror? The regular and consistant practice of Meditation will help you discover the Power of the Ritual, through direct feeling.

Meditation helps you live in the present, to become more aware of yourselves and to feel the Power of the Present’s Presence. Contemplation of nature, of a plant, a tree, a star on the night’s clear sky or of a sunrise or sunset is a safe and healthy possibility of learning to induce meditative states through the expansion of consciousness.

An simple exercise and at hand for any person that wants to practice Meditation is focusing of the sight, for a couple of seconds or minutes, on the flame of a lighted candle that stands at approximately 1 meter from you and within eyesight. The flame is observed quietly until the sensation of eye tearing appears, then both eyes are closed and try to observe what you perceive, feel and live, holding your attention focused on the center of your forehead, respectively on the third eye, that is located between the eyebrows.

We welcome you in a meditative and spiritual environment to find out the different types and ways of Meditation, offering the possibility to learn and meditate alongside with people having a vast experience in the field. At the beginning you will be helped to learn with us to master the method of Contemplation, then different types and methods of Meditation will be practiced, and eventually, you will be able to reach Revelation, this being the highest state of spirit that Meditation will guide you towards if you practice it correctly, conscious and regularly.

We invite you to meditate with us and enjoy the benefits of Meditation, being guided by a specialist in Meditation and assisted by a professional and practitioner of “Revelation” and of Spiritual and Holistic Therapies, thereby learning to meditate and discover your meditation abilities, being able to healthily evolve.

Meditation is a possibility and a chance to better know ourselves at the profound levels of the consciousness, and can help us exceed our limits in order to become free, flexible and full of unconditional divine love. Also, through consistant practice of Meditation and by introducing various Meditation Techniques and Methods in his/her lifestyle, every person has the opportunity to work on his/her own healing and spiritual growth.

“God is the Man freed from Ego!”