RAW FOOD is recommended to every person who wishes to live healthily and balanced, being recommended by us who are convinced of the importance of natural foods in human life, according to the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept of man, life and world. Man needs minerals, proteins, enzymes and vitamins (Vita – means life) in order to have the energy and healthy information necessary for a proper functioning at all levels and in optimal conditions, as a being of light living Hologram, complex and multidimensional, of divine origin and spiritual nature.

In every living being, enzymes are the carriers of life and the ones that give life to our food. There is no cell division, growth or reproduction without enzymes. They are at the same time the administrators and executors placed by the Creator in every living being. They guide the chemical processes in every organ of man and of all living beings. In the human body there are two kinds of enzymes: in the first category, are those named endogenous which we also call ferments; they are products of the digestive glands and adjust digestion.

The other enzymes, which are of interest to our observations, are called exogenous; they are the ones that regulate all the other body matters referred to above, especially the cellular metabolism.
The more fresh enzymes (Raw Food) our food contains, the more life energy flows in our body and thus, more new healthy cells can be formed. This means a proper functioning of the chakras and the glands, hence a good body weight control, purification of blood and the cellular tissue of all the “waist” and toxins, of kidney stones, effects of arteriosclerosis, of heart diseases, cancer and a great number of other problems.
This essence of Raw Food has the capacity of cleaning and healing, it is able to prevent all these diseases and protect especially the elderly from the old age diseases. Hence, we can acknowledge the great importance of enzymes to health. Raw Food heals glands and ensures a good functioning of all body systems, and heals also the corpulent and the overweight.

The finest epidermal vessels are well cleaned and thus, well irrigated with blood, and so the fresh, youthful and vital aspect. In the same way Raw Food regulates blood pressure, angina pectoris and prevents heart attack. The one that feeds of Raw Food lives a gradual rejuvenation even in sexual life. Raw Food prevents cavities and a whole range of diseases like arthritis, sciatica, hip joint and spine diseases. For example, the bones give in because they are undernourished and so, sciatica and osteoporosis appear.

The importance of fasting in man’s life and the use of natural products and Raw Food is our recommendation according to the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept which is at the core of healthy and vital eating of the conscious and spiritually awakened human being.


0. Those who eat everything.

1. Those who fast the 4 main fastings of the year.

2. Those that fast all the fastings of the year.

3. Those that completely gave up meat.

4. Those that no longer eat animal products – vegetarians.

5. Those that only eat fruits and cereals, so no vegetables.

6. Those who eat only cereals, seeds and juices.

7. Those that eat very rarely and only liquid food and feed mostly with Blessed Divine Light.

“The Water of Life is Love and let the Raw Food be the cure for all sicknesses!”