Spiritual Counseling

Through your choice of coming to a Spiritual Counseling, you have the opportunity to better know yourselves at the level of the body, spirit, and soul, and to improve your relations, become aware of your desires, needs and necessities, but it also helps you solve your private and social life problems through liberation of possible blockages that you might have at the subtle levels of consciousness.

Spiritual counseling takes place in a spiritual and pleasant environment, where professionalism and attention, proper time and respect are ensured and offered to the person that wants to be advised in a particular personal problem.

Spiritual counseling can be made concerning different aspects of a person’s life, but also referring to relations with people, the environment in which the person lives and performs his private or professional work.

The counseling aims at improving the quality of life and our relations with ourselves, our life partner and all the others` involved in our life, but also in relation to the environment and all the living beings.

Being a soul therapy, spiritual counseling helps us find the optimum solutions for the spiritual evolution of our soul, reveal and use our latent capacities that exist in all of us in order to find efficient solutions on the path of personal perfection.

The counseled person will be motivated, supported, understood and accepted in the complexity of his being and helped express his thoughts, emotions and feelings that worry and represents him, creating an atmosphere based on trust, respect and profound honesty.

” There where God is, lies the joy of my soul!”