The Monk

In these times of planetary and cosmic changes, I have met a 97 years old monk, considered to have Grace. He had the gift of healing through the power of prayer. This monk lives pure and simple, respecting the teachings of Christ and the Laws of Life, reaching in prayer the state of oneness with God. I understood from him that we can all aspire towards this state of consciousness, we can think of it, but the final step is to be able to live, here and now, feeling God in the physical body, feeling the Holy Spirit working in this plan. His words are very simple and full of Grace, without containing intricate theories or philosophies.

This spiritual father states that:

– The Creation is great precisely through its simplicity, through its clarity. Every time you look for complicated ways to be in God, you actually wander through the labyrinth of your own mind. At the end of this life, the soul ennobles through the moments when it loved, it gave and enjoyed being on Earth, acknowledging God’s greatness.  

I asked him how the healings occur, what happens when someone is coming to him?

– I, the man, don’t think that I would have something to do; I open up and leave the Holy Spirit to flow through me. I never ask a person why he came to me, what problems he has. I just feel his soul sometimes full of burdens and I pray for him. That’s all I do – I pray with him. And I tell him that it is a great joy when two come together in the name of Christ, that when that happens He is also with us: “Where there are two in My name, there I am with them.” For me it is a blessing when someone opens the door of my room. I don’t look at the man coming to me, I see God in that man, entering my room. At the end, I feel that the man is lighter, calmer and more serene. I don’t need to know what burden he was carrying, God knows. I just keep my soul opened and I pray with all my heart. And so, everything is our prayer to God; sometimes I hold his hands in mine, other times I put them on his head. Sometimes I feel that it is necessary that he comes again, other times I know that the work has been made. And the miracle for me it is not called healing, but I call it the awakening of man in God.

I asked him why it was so difficult for me to pray in a tense, angry, agitated crowd – and he answered:

– When you look upon God as being outside yourself, you will find reasons outside of you. The cause is not the ones around you, but the way you see God, namely your inner attitude towards God. If you have an unshakeable belief that God is in you, you realize that no one can stand between you and God. In order to pray, you descend into yourself, in the depths of your heart, you close your eyes and in your heart you will find peace. There God awaits you. In the silence of peace, namely in the peace of silence, there is only you with God. Your mind is the first that either opens, and through your thoughts allows God to manifests in you – or the mind is the one that stops you from feeling this thing. The mind weaves labyrinths and sometimes loses itself in its own netting. If you allow the love from your heart to flow your mind, you will see how your thoughts find their own way to Heaven, towards the Kingdom of God because: “The Kingdom of God is inside you…” 

I asked him why people fight, get agitated, in order to take the holy Light:

– You fight to get closer to God when you have a fear, a restlessness, a doubt concerning your relationship with God, and that is the proof that you are still centered in your head and you let yourself be led by your mind. Then you always think that you have something more to do, that you didn’t do enough, that there is something more, and that something will bring you closeness – and you search, you search, you continuously search. But if you stop your struggle, your worry, your search, and allow yourself to discover God inside of you, being centered towards yourself, you will find Him in your heart. You can live an entire life engrossed in searching for God outside of you – but you will not be searching in the right place. The exterior struggle is a sign of the fight that takes place inside the soul of those people led by Ego, by a dual mind, by their aspirations, their longings and their search, and this is the way in which the conflictual mind reflects it.

I asked him how, after hours of standing up in a position in which you couldn’t even turn around, he gave no sign of fatigue – and not only this – around him people were very quiet, gentle and calm. This father was spreading around himself a vibration of peace and was radiating the Light of love and divine wisdom.

– Fatigue comes from man’s fight with life. When you oppose life by judging, criticizing, condemning, blaming, angering yourself or others, you lose the life inside you and you get tired – and it is only normal, because you walk against the flow. Love represents the flow of life. Love gives life a meaning and true Love gives you the power to live, “to be”. Peace, love and harmony are obtained when you exceed your dual, conflictual mind and you allow life to flow through you, no longer opposing anything, acquiring awareness of your soul, which is divine.

And he asked me:

– Have you ever noticed that you are no longer tired, but full of life, when you are happy, when you love, while you pray? During those moments you let yourself carried by the flow of life, you don’t oppose it. You open up through your heart and you are connected with God, with the eternity of life and of holy and infinite love. You get tired only when you search with your dual, divided mind; the heart never gets you tired. Mind is also continuously searching, always finding something else to cling to – but in essence, the mind is searching for its peace and quiet. When you are confuse, you are centered in the dual mind, in Ego, but when you are centered in the heart, you achieve the clarity of the spirit, of the divine spirit, gaining access to the spiritual mind and the heart of God. Therefore the fight is not between us and those around us, or against life’s events, but between us and ourselves – the inner fight is the one that exhausts, that consumes our vital energies and eventually makes us tired and disturbs us. 

I asked him how I could escape this struggle, this unrest and stress:

– You don’t have to struggle to get out, because you immerse yourself even worse. But there comes a time when you understand and realize that it is not necessary to struggle, because everything happens by itself, and you understand that life flows smoothly, not being an endeavour or a struggle, but a blessing, and then the joy of life appears, the joy of “being”, the joy of being what you really are: “God’s beloved child.” The fight takes place until this understanding, this peace of the soul, this realization descends. Don’t chase after God, stay calm and let God express himself through you, because He is inside you and everywhere. Be yourself every moment of your life and be present, be conscious and feel the omnipresent presence of the present.

I asked him how he reached this state of peace of mind, of enlightment and spiritual evolution? He answered that he prayed to God to enlighten him in order to be able to give those around him faith, the hope, peace and love of God the Father, having the strong belief and the conviction that his request is heard and fulfilled – and then he let himself worn by life’s waves, he opened up and so the prayers felt with his soul came to him. He never doubted for a moment, and his request to God was to give him the Grace, to be able to give everyone the holly divine love for as long as he would live on this Earth. He considers this to be the biggest blessing, the richness of the heart, namely the gaining of God’s all-healing and all-sanctifying Light and Love: “Where God is, there lies the richness of my soul.”

I told him that, in my opinion, the Church grew apart from the believers, lost its connection with the Holy Spirit and in a way interrupted the bond between Heaven and Earth, given that the Priests had the mission to straighten it and to inspire the power of the Holy Spirit in the believers.

The Church is an institution consisting of people. But man has grown apart from God, from himself and from his fellow men by disrespecting the Law of Jesus or the Law of love: “Love thy Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with your entire mind and with all your strength!” And this happened out of fear: the fear of losing the teachings, of keeping them unaltered, fear of losing power; Because of this fear, the Priests have channelled their attention only on the teachings and have forgotten, namely they have lost what is most important: the Grace and the living in the Holy Spirit as stated by divine command: “All of you who have been baptized into Christ, shall walk into Christ!”

– In those who Jesus Christ has addressed through His teachings, He instilled the power of the Holy Spirit and placed in their hearts the seed of love for God. Jesus did not speak secretly, just to the Apostles, but He came into the world without being afraid that he would have something to lose, but having only to gain. But in the Church there are people and people… What you can do, as a man, is to study the Creator’s Word, of Lord Jesus Christ, through which our Father God spoke to us all. You can read, feel and choose those prayers that you feel with your Soul, because if you only read them with your mind or with your mouth, without your soul, they are empty. The teachings of the Bible urge us to experiment life under all its aspects, according to the divine command: “But search all things and hold on to what is good…” Through prayer, Man rises through The Word, which is the act in thought, through feeling and direct experience. These three have to go together in order to uplift you to the consciousness of Father God. It is not our duty to judge our fellow men – thus says the Holy Scripture, too:For in the same way you judge othrs, you will be judged, and with the same measure”. We monks use the cornerstone: the teachings of the Holy Scripture, faith, hope and love, and find ourselves the true and rightful path through which we talk to God: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and only through Me, you will reach God the Father.”

He told me it is very important to withdraw myself in the depths of my heart and listen to the silence, to gain peace of mind by hearing the voice of God in the peace of my soul’s silence.

-Search for silence, do not follow the flow of my words, listen to God in my silence. And every time he stopped talking, I would close my eyes and hear and feel the sound of wings fluttering and see something like an immense globe of light above this wonderful man’s head. This spiritually enriched man spoke with a remarkable respect for everyone around himself, with veneration, appreciation and love, feeling and being aware of the presence of God in every person.

I asked him what he felt when talking to a man?:

-When I speak to a man, I see the Holy Spirit inside of him. To be disrespectful to a person is like being disrespectful towards the throne of God. It is not enough to see God in an angel or in His Son Christ; look around and discover Him here, now and all around. Speak every word with respect, slowly, do not rush into talking. Words are inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and when you talk to a man, speak slowly and respectfully, knowing that in that moment, the Holy Spirit manifests itself in the world through you, and through every person that you meet in your life God wants to tell you something. Let every word come to you from the depth of your soul, feel it before you speak, only so it will touch the soul of the one you are talking to. What you are saying, if it comes from the dual mind, is without the light of your soul, and it will go into a corner of the mind, and the mind will forget. If the things you are saying come from the soul, that man will keep in his soul not what you or me said, but the memory of his soul’s joy of meeting you. Mother Teresa said: “Do so that any man, after meeting you, would be a changed person, an enriched man, transformed by the light of the holy love.

On departure I really wanted to give him something, I did not know what, I worried myself, but he answered to my unspoken question, telling me to make the sign of cross and bless him. I wondered how I could, a simple man, make this gesture on him, who seemed like living in this world, but not belonging to it – and then he explained:

-When you do something with all your heart, in the name of the Holy Trinity or Father God, then you allow the celestial power of the Holy Spirit to descend upon you and allow the Divine Grace to manifest itself through you, which is the Grace of God; man does not bless with the power of man, but with that of the Spirit – and to God, we are all equals.

Truly spiritual being, spiritually enlightened, walk among us simple and in silence, unknown, but with their passing through our lives the breeze of the celestial worlds is felt…

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